Today a friend told me that they hated living in this area where they used to live … ALWAYS before, they had talked about how much they “LOVED” living in Florida … Couldn’t wait wait to move back … etc …..

I’ve been sticking around in this area waiting for my buddy to move back down …. and it doesn’t look like he’s going to talking like that .

So; if I do move ; it isn’t going to be up where he’s at …. don’t like being played or whatever bull sh** that I’ve been getting from him.

I’m going to start looking at homes out in Missouri … near the Springfield area there …. I don’t like the weather out there ; BUT at this time … with all the other nonsense that has happened … I don’t know what else that I should do … or even can do …

Big decisions coming , I guess . But; as they say … A man has to do what a man has to do … screw them all , I’m so da** tired of all the games and nonsense … guess I will be Missouri bound before long then ….. 

…. and that’s the way it is … March 29, 2014 … 


I thought that I had retied from doing massage therapy since I had moved ..clients had moved and moved on etc …. BUT: I was wrong .

In the last couple of weeks , I’ve had this one former client calling and wanting to be worked on … He doesn’t want his wife to know that he is having a male give him a massage ; so he rents a nice motel room … and I go there to work on him .

Hey; for $100 … you bet I’ll come out of retirement … lol … 

It started out that he just wanted his neck, shoulders, and back worked on … and he was going to leave $50.00 on the nightstand as payment / donation ….

As I worked on his back … and towards his hips , he raised up and ask me to help him get his briefs off of him … so; I assisted in that project ….

I was then instructed to work from the lower back all the way down to the feet … IF that is what he wants … no problem. 

I started on the butt cheeks .. squeezing and rubbing all over and then down into the cleavage of the cheeks and then I even massaged the rectal opening for him as he squirmed and let out gasp of pleasure … 

Then it was down his legs … back and sides … and as he moved them apart ; my hands were brushing the sides of his ball sac and his penis as it had became erect and was pushing backwards between his legs …

Finally ; I made it to the feet ;where I had him turn over onto his back  where I did foot reflexology and massaged the feet and ankles … as I started back up the legs again doing the fronts and again going over the sides etc …

By the time I reached where the legs meet the trunk of the body ; he was already fully erect and leaking from the eye of his penis .. 

However; I simply took the back of my hand and moved his ball sac away on each side as I worked the insides of the upper legs …

I proceeded on up along the sides of his body … and did both arms and hands …. again called reflexology …

Then; I started down .. doing the chest , stomach with wide bold strokes of the oil … yes; I was using a blend of Jasmine massage oil with mint …. 

Finally; down to the abdomen … and light firm strokes as you can do damage if not done properly … He said “More” so I went ahead and worked all around his testicles/ball sac , and penis .. applying light pressure all around the area and doing mild rubbing …

Just as I was telling him we were finished ; he grabbed my right hand and placed it on his fully engorged penis and said … “Help a buddy out … ”  

So; I did what is actually called a “Lingham” Massage (YES: there is such a thing ; use your GOOGLE) which is a massage of the groin area … includes the testicles and the penis . One doesn’t have to have a release ; BUT the way he was reacting ; I knew he was going to unload big time and he did …. with much fan fare of oHHH Ahhhh Dammmm etc ….

As he cleaned up he told me that his wife just could not make him feel that good weather it was vaginal sex, anal sex, or her masturbating him  … and that he’d be glad to leave $100 each time if we could continue to meet for his massage treatments…

That was two weeks ago … and I am now $200 richer … as long as he is OK with it ; so am I … no one is getting hurt ..and everything is consentual …. 


Well ; it has been over a year now since that lying P.O.S. from Urbana, Ohio told his bullsh** , slanderous, horrific, LIES about me …… and ….. my only family, even though extended family , have disowned me .

I don’t miss most of them that much if they are going to believe such nonsense … BUT: since that lying muther is actual blood to them ; he gets believed …. and I am the outcast.

Anyway; back on point … I don’t miss most of them ; BUT I do miss Adam , Samantha, Aaron, and Jessica …. However ; NONE have actually spoken to me since that BS went down last year ..

Adam was my very good friend , even though he was just 20 years old … he is very mature , a good listener , and a confidant … as I was for him .  Being that I did massage therapy ; Adam was always getting me to work on his shoulders, back, legs, and feet whenever the mood so came upon him … as well as he was always going to lunch or dinner with me ; and I enjoyed his company ..

Aaron was my fishing buddy , even though we had not been fishing for months … but; now he won’t even come over for a bite to eat … or go anywhere to have lunch or dinner ..

Samantha was just fun to be around and talk with . She would always tell me the family secrets about things that went on around the house down there … and now and then; I’d take her to lunch at Olive Garden ..

Jessica is my Godaughter … yet; hasn’t spoken to me since I can’t rem,ember when because of all the lies and bullsh** that was spread by Shane and his wife …. NONE of it which is true … I don’t even know how he came up with such lies … BUT: he managed.

Ya’ know; I’d like to just go up to Shane’s front door and when he answers … pull the trigger on a .357 and get him right between his eyes … the no good lyin’ bast*** .

Ok; I’m done with my rant for now … I’d like to get in the habit of posting at least once a week ….. 


Ok; it has been months since I last posted … but I am back … 

I am very much upset over the loss of a friend . We were not even close to the same age ; BUT we seemed to really connect .. and it hurts that I don’t have anyone like him anymore .

Funny thing is that he choose to believe the lies, bull**it , etc that someone said …. here is the complete story …

Many years ago , I treated a friend’s son just like my nephew since his father was not in his life ….

I had been a part of their family for many years … and he took a liking to me , so I’d take him out to eat , talk to him about his problems, let him stay over at my home , … I went to all their family functions like holiday dinners , week end dinners …. we exchanged presents for Christmas, Birthdays etc ….. To me that all equaled family ….

I THOUGHT we were all cool etc … he** .. he called me just a year or so ago asking if I was going to move back up North as he did not have too many friends , if any ….  and I was seriously considering it …

Then ; several months ago .. out of no where , he tells his mother and his wife that I MOLESTED him when he was younger … What the F**k is this son of a bit** talking about ? NOTHING could be further from the truth , for God’s sakes …. 

So word gets out among the entire family that I “Molested” his dirty fat a** and now I am no longer any part of the family …. Doesn’t matter what I say or anything …. since he is BLOOD ; he gets believed over anything I say ….

What hurts most is that now my good buddy , who is related to the liar , won’t have anything to do with me because his mother and step father actually believe the lies and slander that the a** wipe up North claims ….. 

So; I guess we were not real FAMILY after all …. and my “buddy” and I were not the friends , like I thought that we were …. he should know better …. 

What now ? Who knows ? However; my mother raised a survivor and I will be just fine … Maybe one of these days , the damage from the liar will be repaired .. if not ; it is their loss , not mine .


I have finally figured out how to get peace and quiet around here and alone time ….

I go into my room and turn up southern gospel music … that I actually grew up on and enjoy quite a bit … 

NO ONE comes in to talk or whatever when I have my music on and I can write , post , or just hang out on the internet with NO interruptions ….

Praise the Lord !


I am so da** fed up with politicians and others who continue to go on and on that same sex relationships are wrong .

Whose business is it anyway ? It is NO ONE’s business except the two people involved … plain and simple ..

It’s kinda like when I did the massages … some people who knew would complain about my giving the Lingham Massages aka groin massage and finishing off the client(s) if they ask ….. 

Who got hurt ? Why did they continue to return week after week , sometimes two or even three times per week ? Yet; others had to stick their noses in and every time ; I’d cut them down to size … lol …

I’ve also caught a lot of heat because I believe that in this current day and age … that “AGE” in some relationships is relative aka mind over matter ..if you don’t mind , it don’t matter … 

Let me elaborate … If there is a fifteen year old guy and a 21 or even 25 year old guy .. and they both want to be in a relationship together , no one is getting forced , no one is getting hurt , and they both want it ..both enjoy it …. then; whose business is it to say “NO” ….. ?

.. and the same if it was a girl and a guy , two females etc …. as long as ; and I do need to clarify this …. they aren’t “Little kids” . Just for argument’s sakes ; I’d go along with saying the MINIMUM age would have to be 15 .. since MOST fifteen year old today have been sexually active by that time anyway … 

Our society is way too da** busy looking into everyone else’s business and not minding their own … people need to check out their own closet ; before they come snooping around in mine or anyone else’s …

'Till Next time America … I'm off to bed … 


One thing that really pisses me off is when a guy says something nice to another guy and then says … “NO HOMO” .

To me; that takes away from the nice words like “I love you ” etc that have just been said … and shows an embarrassment to having said something that nice to another male … 

I’ve told several of my male friends that I love them , I miss them etc and I do NOT say “No Homo” afterwards …. 

A Real Man is comfortable with his sexuality , no matter what it is … so say what you will , how you feel and let the chips fall where they may …


One of the things I see lacking more and more in the world is COMMON SENSE .

If I’m back in my bedroom to get away from everyone else and have a little privacy ; as I TRY to watch a tv program .. that does not mean for you to keep coming in and out of my room talking and playing with the dog … I reset the damm TV program three times before I was finally able to get it finished …..

If your leases says there is NO maid service and the bathroom has been cleaned like ten times .. and you haven’t done it once ….. wouldn’t common sense tell you it is YOUR turn ?

If the trash has been taken out ten -fifteen times and NOT once by YOU … wouldn’t common sense tell you that it is past YOUR turn to take out the da** trash ?

If the kitchen has been cleaned .. counters wiped down , sink cleaned out , refrigerator cleaned and wiped ….  several times and YOU haven’t did it once ; Common Sense should tell you it is past your time .

IF you have slept on the same sheets for two months without washing them … you are a da** dirty person … Common sense should tell you to wash your bedding …

I call it the Dummying Down of our world …. people act like they have NO common sense anymore …. and it pi**es me off ….

I do massage therapy for males only … MOST of the guys just strip down and get on the table .. I tell them as we go along what we are doing … and when we get close to the end the groin area ; I’ll say .. Do you want me to stop now …. 99.9% say go ahead and get the lingham massage with release aka HAPPY ENDING … and a few say no , to go ahead and quit working on them …. However; I had one guy about 20 years old on the table last week ; and as I ask him if he wanted me to stop or continue ; he said to go ahead … I reached over and took a hold of his penis to begin the lingham treatment and he started having a fit about my touching him ….. so; I twisted it and told him that I’d just ask him about that … all he said was “Oh, I see … well go on then , we’ve already stated and it feels too good ….. ” Total lack of Common Sense ….

Ok ; I’m done with my rant for tonight ….. Everyone have a great week end …

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In India, a snake protects two pups for 48 hours after they accidentally fall into a hole. At first it was thought that she wanted to attack them, but then noticed she was caring for the puppies. When rescued, the snake was released into a forest. 

It is impossible not to share it with you.

that snake is going to snake heaven

precious babies

I couldn’t help myself.


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In which a grandfather writes a disappointed letter to his daughter after she kicks his gay grandson out of the house. It’s always heartbreaking to see a family torn apart by a child coming out, but seeing a loved one stand up like this is nonetheless deeply moving. (via the Huffington Post)

Full text:

Dear Christine:

I’m disappointed in you as a daughter. You’re correct that we have a “shame in the family,” but mistaken about what it is.

Kicking Chad out of your home simply because he told you he is gay is the real “abomination” here. A parent disowning her child is what goes “against nature.”

The only intelligent thing I heard you saying in all this was that “you didn’t raise your son to be gay.” Of course you didn’t. He was born this way and didn’t choose it any more than he being left-handed. You, however, have made a choice of being hurtful, narrow-minded and backward. So, while we are in the business of disowning our children, I think I’ll take this moment to say goodbye to you. I now have a fabulous (as the gays put it) grandson to raise, and I don’t have time for a heart-less B-word of a daughter.

If you find your heart, give us a call.


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